A new generation is taking over Jenkins Beach and its properties, which will undergo renovations this summer.
In this Aug. 30, 2010, file photo, Ashley Ricker, 10 (left), and Blake Thompson, 11, both of Hampden, spend their last free afternoon of the summer playing at Jenkins Beach on Green Lake in Dedham. Credit: Bridget Brown / BDN

Jenkins Beach, a popular summertime hangout spot on Green Lake in Dedham, will be mostly closed to the public for 2023 while the nearby camps will be overhauled.

In the past, the beach has been open to the public for a small daily fee.

The temporary lack of public access to the privately owned beach comes as a new generation of the Jenkins family takes over the business, which started in 1940. Julie Jenkins, daughter of Joe Jenkins, has acquired and is taking over operations at the small resort property from her father, according to the Jenkins Beach website.

Details are still being worked out, but the beach might be open some weekends this year while the property undergoes significant renovations, according to its website.

“We will still be offering camps for rent this year, but we will also spend much of the summer making substantive changes to the beach, the landscape, and the camps themselves,” resort officials said.

The camps are expected to be renovated and upgraded with structural work, furniture and design changes, and the addition of internet service, among other things.

The resort has talked to local organizations about allowing some day camps to use the beach this summer so people “who might not otherwise have access to such a unique and enriching experience” will be able to enjoy the lake, according to the website.

“It is a magical place,” resort officials said. “We hope to continue to honor the legacy that Joe built, making this a space that is open and welcoming to all those who are also open and welcoming to all.”

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