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At first glance, today’s trail camera video appears to be some sort of animal training for the circus.

In reality, what the footage shows is the amazing strength and dexterity possessed by a Canada lynx, especially when the animal is trying to ensure itself a meal.

Allie Ladd of Byron rigged up the roadkill deer leg seen in a tree, knowing full well that lynx, bobcats or other meat-eating animals and birds from the western Maine woods would be eager to take advantage.

This lynx uses its incredible skills to hang from the carcass and keep itself suspended with its strong jaws and agile rear paws.

Check out the huge feet and paws on this animal, which help it negotiate deep snow during the winter. It’s another memorable look at one of the state’s coolest critters.

Thanks go out to Ladd for taking the time and effort to provide Bangor Daily News readers with a close look at some of Maine’s most beautiful animals.

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