RSU 63, made up of Holden, Clifton and Eddington, is considering allowing only the U.S. and Maine flags displayed in school classrooms, which would ban other flags including rainbow flags from classrooms.

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As I read the recent news article about flag policy in Holden, Eddington, and Clifton schools, my initial reaction was, “Why is display of a rainbow flag restricted in district schools?” Although the display of a rainbow flag is viewed favorably by many as a symbol of the inherent value of all people, it may be interpreted as a political symbol as well. In the same vein, a MAGA flag is a symbol of many people’s sincerely held political beliefs.

I believe that teachers and administrators can be models of inclusive and accepting behavior without opening the political “can of worms” about which flags are appropriate in school. Upon further reflection, I believe the flag policy as described in the article was a wise decision by the school board.

Kenneth Beland