A trash truck enters Juniper Ridge Landfill in this April 2022 file photo. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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I read the recent column from Casella in the Bangor Daily News calling for a change in state law regarding out-of-state waste disposal in Maine, and I wanted to offer my deepest sympathies during this difficult time. We know how much the company enjoyed those big profits generated from importing waste from Massachusetts to Maine for decades, and that they are grieving the loss of that due to passage of LD 1639 last year.

We wish them swift movement from the denial, anger, and bargaining stages of its grief process so that they may know the peace that comes with accepting change. I know it’s difficult to hear, but the majority of Maine’s lawmakers do not appear interested in delaying the implementation of that important environmental law.

Although their annual billion-dollar revenue may decline slightly by using a different material to bulk the sludge in the state-owned landfill at Juniper Ridge, we want them to know that they are doing right by the people of Maine by becoming a helpful partner and we thank them.

LD 1639 effectively ended the decades-long injustice of filling our state-owned assets with materials that were generated outside of our borders. We know the weight of environmental problems created by PFAS contaminated sludge, toxic landfill leachate, and methane generated from landfills weighs heavy on us all. And that Casella too has a great responsibility to deal with these issues in such a way that protects our land, air, and water.

Chuck Leithiser

Old Town