"Jesus" is displayed on a large monitor and worship songs are played on stage as people gathered for the "Easter Sunrise Service" at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday in Washington, hosted by the National Community Church. Credit: Carolyn Kaster / AP

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Why are there no miracles in the Holy Bible that Jesus Christ did as a child? Jesus Christ is the son of God. He should have been capable of miracles as a child. Why are there so many missing gaps, details about this man proclaimed to be king of the Jews?

There are many details that seem to be left out of the narrative intentionally. That would provide even more convincing evidence about faith and belief in this man ascribed to be the messiah of humanity. However, too many details serve the same function as not enough details. Sometimes brevity is better than supersaturation.

I don’t know more than non-believers because I’m an ordained Baptist minister. Truth be told, I remember asking my former pastor of my home church in Chicago, “When do I get my copy of the Holy Bible with the answers?” That is what people are asking. Where are the answers?

Where are the answers for me? There is just enough in the Holy Bible for the skeptics about faith. There is just enough in the Holy Bible for believers to believe. This is a matter of choosing to believe what you read. Either you believe what you read or not. You choose to believe or not. However, there is always just enough for the skeptics and believers alike. Believe!

James Weathersby