Rep. Reagan Paul, R-Winterport, speaks to a crowded conference room on medication abortions during anti-abortion events on April 4, 2023, at the State House in Augusta. Credit: Joe Phelan / The Kennebec Journal via AP

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Maine is failing women. I have worked most of my adult life in health care. As a physical therapist, I have spent countless hours with women one on one assisting them with recovery from surgery, through illness or disease. The bond created with individuals has enriched my life and broadened my perspective.  

But the stories and the heartache I have heard have humbled me, caused me to shed tears and left me feeling inadequate on many occasions. But more often left me angry. Angry that despite medical advances we are clinging as a society to old conclusions.

Women who share that they blame their pelvic dysfunction on abortions performed decades ago. Women who are distraught because after youthful decisions to end a pregnancy they were never able to conceive once they were ready. Women who mourn a child when they have an ultrasound of a wanted pregnancy at the same gestational age.

We don’t take care of women. We must do better.

Things have changed since 1973. Ultrasound technology shows us a child exists in the womb — not just a clump of cells.

The physical and psychological damage done to women as a result of ignoring science is abhorrent. We must do better. Women deserve better.

LD 1619 ignores biology and ignores the impact on the physical, psychological and social impact of the women it claims to protect.

Dr. Rebecca Stephens