In this file photo from 2021, residents park their dugout canoes next to a mud dyke they built to try and prevent flooding, in New Fangak town in Jonglei state, South Sudan. Credit: Sam Mednick / AP

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The whole planet earth seems to be in total turmoil, however when folks watched the nationwide TV evening news regarding “the suffering of the children in South Sudan” from global flooding, millions of dollars were contributed, overnight, to save these children by American folk who cared.

Now let’s touch on another subject lest some of the readers might be offended, “America America God shed his grace on thee.”

We are a free society and some folks do believe in the separation clause of church and state. Some may not want to offend others (by preaching), but whoever they were, they did happen to have collectively collected a few million dollars-plus to save children from starvation.

Perhaps, then, miracles can happen and many of our natural disasters might just diminish a bit.

Robert Fournier