SCARBOROUGH — Recently, Town & Country Federal Credit Union continued its commitment to member experience by becoming the first Maine credit union, and one of only a handful nationwide, to launch digital card issuance for its credit cards within its highly-rated mobile app. The launch comes at a time when consumers are having to endure sometimes lengthy delays to receive new plastic cards due to worldwide production delays and supply chain issues.

“With digital issuance, our members now have immediate access to new credit card details when a new card is issued. This benefits both members whose credit card has been lost or stolen, and members opening a new credit card. Our ability to offer digital credit card issuance reinforces our commitment to integrating and utilizing technology to enhance the member experience. We have spent a significant amount of time researching and testing this product, and are proud to be the first credit union in Maine to fully implement it for our members,” stated David Libby, president and CEO of Town & Country, adding, “this builds upon our long history of delivering new technology and convenience for our members, including the first credit union in Maine to offer check imaging ATMs, the Alexa Banking Skill with Amazon, and just months into the pandemic, becoming the first Maine credit union to offer contactless debit cards. Our willingness to invest in technology and innovation to better serve our members made a big difference throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.”

Heidi Olson, member relationship manager at Town & Country, explained, “With this new feature, members are now able to add their card credentials to any of their card on file merchants such as Amazon, Netflix, subscriptions services, recurring payments, etc. In addition, members can update mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., for in-person payments without having to wait for the plastic to arrive in the mail. Members will also be able to report a credit card lost/stolen from within the app and have a new digital card issued as well as the replacement plastic sent in minutes. This provides an enhanced member experience by saving time and adding convenience.”

As Maine’s second largest credit union with 40,000 members, Town & Country is a full-service financial institution offering a wide range of financial products and services to people who live, work, go to school or worship in Cumberland and York Counties. In 2022, Town & Country was named ‘Best Credit Union in the 207’ and ‘Best Mortgage Lender in the 207’ and is the only Maine credit union to be designated as one of Maine’s ‘Best Credit Unions’ by Forbes in three out of the past five years, the credit union has $540 million in assets, and is part of the largest branch network in the country. To learn more, visit