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Allie Ladd keeps a pretty good eye on the forests and waters near his home in Byron.

That’s because he is well aware how quickly things can change if some pesky critters have their way.

Late last month, Ladd’s trail camera positioned along a brook captured a gathering of two wildlife species, one of which was benefiting from the other’s efforts.

The videos show that a stretch of this particular brook had been turned into a makeshift pond by some busy beavers.

“Buck-tooth varmints have the brook backed up for about two-tenths of a mile,” Ladd said on a Facebook post pointing out the dilemma. The problem had been exacerbated by recent rain in the area.

In the first part of the video, a pair of Canada geese swim back and forth in front of the camera, almost as if they know it’s there. There, in the background, one of the parties responsible for the added water in the brook is seen on the shore.

In the second part of the show, it’s the beaver that takes center stage, swimming past the camera. It almost appears to be escorting the geese downstream.

Ladd, who is always looking for something constructive to do while out and about, didn’t take the situation lying down. The next day, hoe in hand, he walked out onto the dam area and began pulling apart the beaver blockage.

We appreciate Allie Ladd for sharing his trail camera videos with Bangor Daily News readers.

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