The Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group toured Sears Island in November 2022. Credit: Murray Carpenter / Maine Public

I know of an island — do you know it? A marvelous green gem right up the road. A place where my family takes special walks — Sears Island.

Have you been there in the spring? It’s “warbler city” — a haven for migrating warblers who stop to take a rest before heading farther north. I love to listen to their songs and try to figure out who’s singing — each species with its own unique song.

Should we basically kill this island to save Mother Earth? The latest proposal for Sears Island is as high tech as humanity gets — and wind power is truly needed for our planet. But why sacrifice this emerald gem when right across the water on the west side we could use Mack Point? It’s already industrialized, and there’s ample room there for the wind port. It’s still in the domain of Searsport and would function just as admirably. No amount of money and no human engineering could ever recreate Sears Island.

It’s time to be smart. We can save the world and save Sears Island as well. My girls learned far more on their walks there than any classroom could ever teach. The island is a place of learning, memory, nature and miracles. Let’s preserve it. Unblemished. Because, like the fox, the flying squirrels, the warblers, the basking shark, the shad, the trout lily, the monarch — we belong to it. Build the wind port at Mack Point.

Sally C. Jones

Stockton Springs