KENNEBUNK — On Friday, May from 8 a.m. to noon, Animal Welfare Society’s Community Veterinary Clinic is offering free microchips and rabies vaccines for dogs and cats over 12 weeks. The Clinic is located at Animal Welfare Society at 46 Holland Road in Kennebunk.

Pet microchips are small rice-sized devices implanted just under the animal’s skin near their shoulder blades. The microchip insertion is relatively painless for the pet and can be completed in a few minutes. Most veterinary practices, animal control officers, and humane societies, including AWS, are equipped with special microchip scanners. When a pet’s microchip is scanned, the owner’s contact information comes up.

“Since many pets get out unexpectedly or lose their collar while lost, microchips are so important,” explains Adam Ricci, AWS director of operations. “The first thing we do when a stray pet arrives at AWS is scan for a chip. We are so happy when the contact info comes up and we can place a call to the pet’s family. Microchips are truly the number one way to keep pets and their families together.”

Once the microchip is inserted and activated, pet owners are responsible for keeping their contact information up-to-date. Instructions on how to do so will be provided when the pet is microchipped.

To receive a free microchip and/or rabies vaccine, please RSVP at Pets can receive a microchip, a rabies vaccine or both and pet owners can specify which service their pets needs when RSVPing. To receive a three-year rabies vaccine, pet owners must bring the pet’s previous rabies certificate or records from a vet. Otherwise, the pet will receive a 1-year vaccine.

While there will be no cost for microchips or rabies vaccines, donations are welcome and will support AWS’ mission of providing for pets and their families. More than 10,000 pets come through AWS and its on-site Community Veterinary Clinic each year. For more information about the AWS Community Veterinary Clinic, visit

Founded in 1967, Animal Welfare Society, a non-profit organization, exists to serve as the safety net for lost and homeless pets and to provide access to affordable services and resources necessary for long term well-being, so pets and their families stay together and thrive. AWS’ on-site Community Veterinary Clinic built in 2017, provides full-service, high-quality veterinary care to companion animals in our community.