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If you have ever tried giving your cat a bath or putting it into the tub, it quickly becomes clear most are not a big fan of getting wet.

Today’s trail camera videos from Allie Ladd of Byron demonstrate that the Canada lynx living in Maine also don’t seem to appreciate getting wet.

Today’s selection from the western part of the state shows a tentative lynx deciding whether to cross through the water to get to the other side of the inlet to the pond.

“Nope, not going to do it. Lynx doesn’t want to get his paws wet,” Ladd said in a Facebook post.

The lynx looks the situation over carefully and appears to realize that it’s going to require getting a little wet to make the crossing.

In the second video offering, a lynx tries to remain atop some logs while attempting to make its getaway with a lunch consisting of a roadkill beaver. It can’t seem to get the meal dislodged from the trees.

Our sincere thanks to Allie Ladd for giving Bangor Daily News readers another interesting look at the wildlife living and fighting for survival in Maine.

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