Fire at a building on Franklin Street in Hallowell. Credit: Courtesy of the Hallowell Fire Department

HALLOWELL, Maine — Police say a fire broke out Tuesday night at a Franklin Street home when a good Samaritan jumped in to help. Community members say they’re still trying to figure out who that mystery hero was.

Sylvia Katz lives just a few blocks away and wonders who rushed into danger to help.

“Probably one of the neighbors that’s right near the house. But I really don’t know,” said Katz.

Hallowell fire chief Jim Owens wonders the same thing.

He says they got a call around 10 p.m. of a house fire on franklin street.

The Fire Chief says when officers arrived on scene a good Samaritan grabbed a ladder and with the help of an officer- got a father and his 6-year-old daughter off the roof of their burning home.

They were awaiting help.

“Grabbed a ladder and took the people off of a second story porch roof in the rear of the building” said Owens.

Chief Owens says the dad and daughter had first tried to get out through the front of the house but the flames were too intense.

The Chief believes the fire may have started on the front porch.

It took nearly an hour to get the fire under control and help from 7 fire departments.

Owens says the good Samaritan stepping in in this case was a huge help.

“it’s one more thing off my plate. When I pull up that’s the first thing I ask: ‘is everyone out?’ ‘yes, everyone’s out.’ ‘okay.,” said Owens.

“It’s good to know that Hallowell is very safe, welcoming, and that we all look out for each other,” said Katz.

Chief Owens says everyone made it out safely but the home is destroyed.

But the mystery remains.

Hallowell police urges anyone who knows who the hero is to please let them know.

“We’re really happy with the guy that threw the ladder. If you’d like to be a volunteer fireman I got an application for him,” said Owens.

Chief Owens says the fire is still under investigation.