HERMON — Pine State Amateur Radio Club is excited to announce its annual Field Day event, set to take place in Hermon on June 24-25. This highly anticipated event aims to showcase the club’s commitment to fostering amateur radio expertise while embracing the latest digital modes and technologies.

Field Day is a renowned event in the amateur radio community, where operators set up temporary stations in various outdoor locations to demonstrate their skills and emergency preparedness capabilities. PSARC’s Field Day will serve as a platform for radio enthusiasts, both experienced and newcomers, to engage in hands-on activities and explore the world of amateur radio.

One of the highlights of this year’s Field Day is the inclusion of Get-On-The-Air stations. These stations are specifically designed to encourage participation from individuals who are new to amateur radio or have limited experience. Experienced operators will be available to guide and mentor GOTA participants, providing them with a unique opportunity to make their first on-air contacts and develop their skills.

In addition to traditional analog modes, PSARC’s Field Day will also showcase the exciting realm of digital modes and satellite radio. Amateur radio enthusiasts will have the chance to explore cutting-edge technologies such as digital voice, data communication, and software-defined radio. These digital modes not only offer enhanced communication capabilities but also enable connectivity with global networks, expanding the reach and impact of amateur radio.

PSARC welcomes visitors of all ages to join the Field Day event in Hermon and experience the thrill of amateur radio firsthand. This family-friendly event will feature engaging activities, demonstrations, and educational sessions that highlight the diverse applications and benefits of amateur radio in today’s interconnected world.

Field Day is a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in emergency communications, electronics, community service, or simply looking to explore a fascinating hobby. Participants can witness the power of amateur radio in emergency scenarios, where reliable communication becomes critical during natural disasters or other emergencies.

“We are thrilled to host our annual Field Day event and showcase the versatility of amateur radio,” said Thomas Barrows, public information officer of PSARC. “By incorporating GOTA stations and digital modes, we aim to engage a wider audience and inspire more individuals to join the amateur radio community. Field Day is an exciting opportunity to learn, connect, and have fun.”

Details of the Pine State Amateur Radio Club’s Field Day:

Date: June 24-25

Time: Setup begins at 8 a.m. Saturday 

Location: Hermon High School

For more information about Pine State Amateur Radio Club’s Field Day event and to learn more about amateur radio, please visit http://n1me.org.

Pine State Amateur Radio Club is a community of amateur radio enthusiasts based in Maine. The club is dedicated to promoting and advancing amateur radio as a hobby, fostering emergency preparedness, and providing public service support to the local community. PSARC organizes various events and activities throughout the year to engage radio operators of all experience levels and inspire interest in amateur radio.