Bangor Daily News readers by now know that Allie Ladd has a knack for capturing Canada lynx on his trail cameras.

The outdoorsman lives in Byron, in the western Maine mountains, where the beautiful animals seem to be hanging out and making the rounds.

One of Ladd’s favorite camera locations recently produced another lynx video that not only would make an incredible postcard (using) a screen shot or single frame, but is fairly unique.

The secluded and solitary nature of lynx almost always has meant the cats show up on the camera either alone, or in groups of two or three. What’s unusual about this video is the fact there’s a human right there in the shot.

As the lynx makes its way across a perfectly positioned log at the outlet of a local pond, a fisherman can be seen in his canoe in the background. The angler obviously is a fair distance away, but the animal doesn’t seem bothered by the fact there’s a man standing up in his canoe.

The lynx sniffs its way across the fallen tree, seemingly unaware of the silent intruder on the pond.

It’s another perfect example of how one can be spending time in nature, yet not realize what is happening in the neighborhood.

Our thanks to Allie Ladd for sharing another memorable trail camera video.

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