Video courtesy of Colin Chase

Colin Chase has a tendency to sell himself short.

“I’m just a guy from Maine,” Chase said, downplaying his considerable efforts afield.

In spite of all the amazing wildlife videos he captures on his trail cameras — and the long drives and exhausting hikes he takes to place them and retrieve the memory cards, on top of hours of editing — the Gray resident portrays himself as just another Mainer who loves the outdoors and everything in it.

For this story, Chase is sharing a compelling video compilation of footage recorded at a site he calls “Moose Crossing.”

The video includes portions of a more extensive piece of combined footage that he recently posted on his “Maine Woodsbooger ” YouTube channel. Make sure to check it out after watching this video

Highlights from the moose video include a cow moose passing through with its calf, a small moose going to its knees to get a drink of water and a scene in which a cow with two calves chases away a young bull to which it gave birth last year, so that it will venture out on its own.

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