Patrons are warned about the heat at the Desert Botanical Garden entrance, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2023, in Phoenix. Credit: Ross D. Franklin / AP

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Summer 2023 has been a devastating and punishing summer for the United States. Oppressive triple digit prolonged heat waves crossing numerous states and upon millions and millions of people. Destructive gone in seconds tornadoes leveling of homes and businesses in

a number of communities. And the intimidating misfortune of  Lahaina, Maui becoming a lifeless barren landscape of rubble and ash of homes and businesses.

Not long ago, though it seems long ago, “unknown”/virtually forgotten Christian church bells rang out across the nation on Sunday acknowledging the Divine Creator, acknowledging the same Jesus Christ.

A forgotten and neglected (out of hearing, out of mind) past in a wayward nation.

Richard Mackin Jr.