Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr., greets supporters after speaking at a campaign event on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023, in Spartanburg, S.C. Kennedy wrapped up a four-day swing through the early-voting state as he challenges President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination. Credit: Meg Kinnard / AP

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The BDN recently reported on the success of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s fundraising in Maine. I contributed to Kennedy because he is running for president to clean up government agencies corrupted by corporate influence and money. I think he will clean up the EPA to help protect us from pesticides and other chemicals.

I believe corporations corrupt agencies across the board, like the defense industry being captured by the Department of Defense, with the war in the Ukraine part of this capture. Kennedy says it does not make sense to make war on Russia, because of its nuclear power. And making war on Russia will drive them into the arms of China. This doesn’t mean that Vladimir Putin is a good guy. It means we can end the war and bring the money home.

It seems pharmaceutical money means that pharma-agency studies can get the results they want on many drug studies, including vaccines. I am open to this understanding of pharma-agency science, because I had mercury poisoning and still have chemical sensitivities, and have read much about chemicals in the environment and vaccines. Others may hesitate challenging the safety of all vaccines for all people, but I believe that somewhere between no vaccines at all, and the constant promotion of new vaccines lies a middle way.  

I believe Kennedy is our best hope of reversing the degradation of our earth and our health. I hope others will listen to him, not just what they say about him, and do their own research rather than relying on the authorities’ accusation of “misinformation.”

Jane McCloskey

Deer Isle