Credit: CBS 13

A “suspicious package” found outside a Walgreens in Bangor on Tuesday prompted a visit by the Bangor Police bomb squad but was found to be an ordinary travel bag with someone’s personal belongings.

Employees at the Walgreens, located at 706 Broadway, found the bag around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday and called police, Bangor police Sgt. Jason McAmbley said.

The bomb squad responded because of the recent threats made against Walgreens in Maine. The Bangor Walgreens did not receive a direct threat, McAmbley said.

The bag at the Bangor Walgreens was a personal travel bag with belongings and identification, McAmbley said. There was not an explosive device.

Police were able to return the bag to its owner.

Bomb threats were made at a Portland and Windham Walgreens on Thursday. A threat was also made at a Walgreens in York. No explosives were found.

Walgreens in Topsham also called police Friday after a suspicious package was left at a FedEx box.

Marie Weidmayer is a reporter covering crime and justice. A recent transplant to Maine, she was born and raised in Michigan, where she worked for MLive, covering the criminal justice system. She graduated...