A Maine moose cow and her calf. Credit: Video by Allie Ladd

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The moose population in parts of western Maine, including near Allie Ladd’s home in Bryon, is much smaller than it once was.

That’s why one of our favorite trail camera aficionados enjoys being able to regale folks with videos and photos of the state’s largest game animal.

Today’s selection of video clips features some moose doing what they do best — roaming the countryside browsing on their favorite plants.

In the first video segment, a cow and its calf hang out in front of the camera, apparently content to stand around and survey their surroundings.

A Maine bull and cow moose hanging out at night. Credit: Video by Allie Ladd

The next clip provides a nighttime look at a cow and a younger bull spending the evening together.

Our thanks to Allie Ladd for more beautiful footage of wildlife doing its thing in the mountains of western Maine.

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