The Washington Academy 1990 Class C champion cheer team. Front, from left, Charlene Davis Cates,Theresa Gardner ,Cheryl Davis Siemens, Michelle Gardner DeWitt, Jessica Green Taylor, and Jennifer Ackley Wickett. Back, Keith Labonte, Laurie Moore Schoppee, Melanie Small Omlor-Fox, Paula Costley Maker, Jessica Taylor Turner, and Eric Tuck. (Courtesy photo)

EAST MACHIAS — As we look back at 2022-23 as a memorable and historical year at Washington Academy, celebrating 230 years since the establishment of the Academy, and 200th birthday of the Academy Building, or the OA, and after much planning and consideration, WA announces the Class of 2023 Washington Academy Athletic Hall of Fame inductees. This will be the third class to be inducted, and represents athletes across many sports from 1960 to 2011. A celebration dinner will be held on Saturday, Oct. 7 in the Gardner Gymnasium starting at 4:30 p.m. as part of the Academy’s 2023 Fall Homecoming Weekend. The public is welcome. An early RSVP is requested.

As the 1909 Washington Record attests, “Athletics at Washington Academy are heartily encouraged in the development of the mind and body.” The Hall continues to recognize and celebrate the Academy’s timeless belief that there is a correlation between a healthy mind and a healthy body, and the encouragement of a progressive education inclusive of the “whole individual.” 

Throughout the years the successful complement of athletics to the WA academic curricula has engaged countless athletes who have continued to incorporate athletics into their lives as Washington Academy graduates. It is often said that many of the core values of athletic competition shape important lifelong character traits such as the ability to be a good teammate, strong individual commitment, and the desire to strive for excellence. All of these qualities define the Hall’s founding initiatives, as well as its inductees.

Please join us in congratulating the following athletes for their contributions to their sports and for their love of the game: David Armstrong ’60, Billy Holmes ’60, Bobby Guptill ’66, Ken Albee ’73, Dean Crosman ’75, Judd Bragg ’92, John Francis ’92, Chris Bridges ’93, Nate Davis ’00, Milos Gautier ’09, Chianti Mrazik ’10, Ben Teer ’10, and Taylor Seeley Foster ’11. In addition to the individual honors, WA will honor the 1990 Class C champion cheer team. Team members: Charlene Davis Cates,  Cheryl Davis Siemens, Michelle Gardner DeWitt, Jessica Green Taylor, Jennifer Ackley Wickett, Keith Labonte, Laurie Moore Schoppee, Paula Costley Maker, Jessica Taylor Turner, Erik Tuck, Melanie Small Omlor-Fox, Theresa Gardner Barker, Michelle Farris Michaud – assistant coach, and Kathy Quimby Harmon – coach.

They join the Inaugural Class of 2018 – Arthur “Tart” Gardner ‘38, Richard Gardner ‘58, Wendall Libby ‘64, Bill Corbett ‘63, Stephen Cates ‘68, and Kathy Harmon ‘74 and Class of 2022’s 10 additional individuals and two teams. Congratulations to 2023’s class of 13 individuals and one team being honored for their significant contribution to Raider athletics and a continuation of a Raider athletic legacy inspired by hard work, dedication and a shared passion for the love of the game.