In this Oct. 16, 2020, file photo, Pickett Mountain and Pickett Mountain Pond, which could serve as the site of a new minerals mine by Canadian mining company Wolfden Resources, are seen in Mount Chase. Credit: Courtesy of the Maine Land Use Planning Commission

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I would like Mainers to be aware of the damage that can occur if the extraction industry gets a foothold in Maine.  

First, the environment may be harmed by the pure nature of what is being done. There is no way to extract large amounts of ore from the ground without environmental damage. And this operation in particular will be controlled by a company with no metal mining inexperience, which could make it accident prone.

Also, the social structure of the area may be damaged beyond repair. There likely will be large numbers of temporary workers coming in from away and things like rent increases, traffic and pollution will escalate. Local people could have their lives changed for the worse, and once this is done, it may not be repairable.

I have seen what the extraction industry has done in other places, and if it gets a foothold in Maine, I fear the state will no longer be “The Way Life Should Be.”

Bob Bond