This story was originally published in August 2021.

Bobcats are pretty stealthy animals.

That’s why there aren’t a ton of sightings of them in the Maine woods, at least not many encounters that last very long.

Enter the age of the trail camera and today’s submission from John “Skeets” Richards of Lamoine.

The video he provided from Jan. 20, 2021, shows two bobcats that appear to be on the prowl late on a sunny morning.

Richards, a native of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, is an artist who moved to Maine in 2018. The former longtime outdoorsman owns the “Art On the Run” studio and gallery in Lamoine.

You might not think of this Hancock County town as being a big woods location, but it’s obvious these bobcats find the area much to their liking.

As a bonus, Richards also sent us the attached photo of a bobcat that decided to spend some time sunning itself in their yard last winter.

This bobcat found a comfortable place to take a winter nap in January 2021 in the backyard of John Richards’ home in Lamoine. The cat hung around for a half-hour, then moved on. Credit: Courtesy of John Richards

“I don’t know whether or not it was one in the video,” Richards said.

“He was about 20 feet from our deck and laid there in the sun watching our bird feeders and dozing for about 1/2 hour before he ambled off. He had no concern for being so close to civilization,” Richards said.

After a previous bobcat photo submission, we were reminded by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife furbearer biologist Shevenell Webb that bobcats are on the landscape.

“Bobcats are common across the southern half of Maine but can be difficult to observe, so it’s a special treat to have them on camera,” Webb said.

Thanks to “Skeets” for his cool video and photo!

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