The Bangor Rams dominated Skowhegan from the first snap at Cameron Stadium Friday night.

Junior Jackson Varney got the party started for the Rams on the first play from scrimmage, running a sweep down 66 yards for the touchdown.

“My confidence was just there, I felt great going into the game,” the junior wideout said. “I’ve seen their film, I knew the outside was open and just took advantage.”

It was just the beginning for Varney and the Rams.

After forcing a Skowhegan punt on the ensuing drive, Bangor stormed back down to the end zone in only six plays, with Varney punching it in on a reverse sweep from 10 yards out. He completed his hat trick before the first quarter had even ended, on a 47-yard touchdown run down the Bangor sideline.

“That [third] one was my favorite,” Varney said. “I couldn’t have done it without our line.”

In the second quarter, Bangor scored two more times in only four plays to make it 35-0 entering halftime.

Their fourth touchdown came on a 54-yard pass from senior quarterback Jack Schuck, as he rolled out right and hit tight end Fionn Parker-Cummings on the run, 25 yards downfield. The junior turned the corner inches from the sideline and put on the burners for his first ever varsity score.

“I don’t even know, I just did it,” Parker-Cummings said. “It was amazing.”

Sophomore Kyle Johnson made it 35-0 a few minutes later, on a physical 11-yard run right up the gut. Bangor scored on their first five consecutive possessions, on 16 total plays.

On the Skowhegan side, quarterback Jason Aubin and wideout Trevor Austin were able to make some noise in the second quarter, but nothing the Rams defense couldn’t handle. Senior tackle Isaac Osborne and sophomore linebacker Zac Cota were big presences all night, and Parker-Cummings also logged an interception.

Flash forward to the fourth quarter, with the clock on rolling time, Schuck put the cherry on top for the Bangor faithful.

Under pressure, he rolled out left from about 15 yards out and miraculously threw across his body to senior Daemon Maskala in the far corner of the end zone. Right as Maskala was about to be tackled, he hauled it in for his first ever varsity score.

The crowd went wild.

“Coach gives me the play, and I fall in love with it.” Schuck said. “I’m worried about rolling out because of my tweaked ankle, but I believe in myself, and I believe in Daemon. I believe in my line, especially.”

The 42-0 victory was a major bounceback win for Schuck and the Rams, who lost 35-6 to Windham last week. Schuck sprained his ankle in the second quarter of the Windham game, but threw for 118 yards on nine attempts against Skowhegan.

Next up, the 2-1 Rams will travel to Lewiston Friday to face the 1-2 Blue Devils.

Sam Canfield is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, and the Bangor Daily News' newest sports reporter. He loves to examine the narratives and motivations behind Maine's most exciting athletes...