Even for the most dedicated and talented trail camera photographers, sometimes the action slows down on Maine’s woods and waters.

That hasn’t stopped our friend Allie Ladd of Byron from capturing and sharing some beautiful wildlife footage from his neck of the woods in the western part of the state.

Today, white-tailed deer take center stage. These young bucks are engaged in some light sparring, an activity that helps the deer prepare to posture for their future place of prominence in the area.

The buck on the left, which has a slightly larger set of antlers, appears to be more keen on proving his superiority to the other buck and continues to encourage the sparring behavior.

When time for the mating season begins to kick in, some bucks, especially the more mature ones, may well engage in some aggressive fighting by smashing their antlers together.

The sometimes dramatic battles can even lead to one deer sustaining significant injuries. It’s part of the drama that sometimes plays out during the rut.

Fighting bucks also occasionally get their antlers interlocked, which can result in the death of one or both of the animals. For more on that, check out this story about a Maine hunter who came upon such a situation and harvested a deer that had won its fight with a competitor, which remained attached by the antlers.

For now, the bucks in the video seem to be content with low-key sparring to get a feel, but the dynamics are likely to change as November approaches.

Thanks again to Allie Ladd for sharing another beautiful Maine wildlife trail camera video with Bangor Daily News readers!

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