Central Maine Power utility lines are seen on Oct. 6, 2021, in Pownal, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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My husband and two sons served in the U.S. military. They felt it was their duty to defend our nation, and I’m very proud of them. Our second son died while in service to our country. He was 24. We don’t claim to have a corner on loss.

Every citizen in Maine needs to be like a soldier. There are many issues that need our ongoing vigilance. One right now that’s of importance to every Mainer: Voting no on Question 3.

Considering our personal cost to this country, it’s a reason why I’m so angry that some in our state fully intend to use eminent domain to swoop in and force two private utility companies to sell all their assets. This should send up red flags immediately for everyone.

If Maine can do this to large utilities, what’s to stop it from going after small businesses?

They want to borrow more than $10 billion to buy the utilities to form Pine Tree Power, which would be led by politicians on an elected board.

Maine voters have never been asked to approve this much borrowing before. Interest on this borrowing could add up to about $500 million every year.

Think of all the soldiers who put their very lives on the line every day to protect our right to vote. Please honor them. Please don’t take our voting or freedoms for granted. Vote no on 3!

Cheryl Piazza