There’s a lot of interest in moose at the moment, mainly because it’s the second of three weeks of the annual moose hunt.

But moose have characteristics that make them interesting to non-hunters too. For example, the large antlers a bull moose grows each year helps him fight others for a chance to breed with a cow moose.

Bulls shed their antlers after the breeding season is done, and people love to collect them to display or to cut up for dog chews. This video by Allie Ladd, a regular contributor to BDN Outdoors, shows how impressive the antlers can be.

Mature cow moose, which typically have one offspring annually, keep their calves with them for an entire year before sending them into the world to be on their own, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

This video by Allie Ladd shows the close relationship between mom and baby and how the cow moose is constantly watching for threats while the baby takes care of an itch.

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