John Dieffenbacher-Krall, executive director of the Wabanaki Alliance, addresses a rally in support of a statewide vote on an amendment to restore tribal treaties to printed versions of the Maine Constitution, on Monday, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: David Sharp / AP

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On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I took part in the Wabanaki Alliance’s demonstration in favor of Question 6 in the November election.  Several hundred people from throughout Maine gathered in Augusta to support “Yes on Six.” While the wording of Question 6 is complicated, the basic point is simple: print Maine’s Constitution in full — with no parts left out.

I think the fact that the currently redacted part of our printed Constitution is the section describing the treaty obligations between the tribes and the State of Maine is a further slap in the face to descendants of tribal members who lived in Maine for thousands of years before Europeans took their lands away. It’s critically important for Mainers to know the omitted treaty obligations.

Let’s make our Constitution whole and include those parts that politicians removed from sight over a hundred years ago. There is  bipartisan support for this measure. Vote yes on Question 6!

Emanuel Pariser