A curious fisher cat was caught on camera by Allie Ladd of Byron recently. Credit: Courtesy of Allie Ladd

This video by Allie Ladd, a frequent contributor to BDN Outdoors, clearly shows the distinctive profile of the fisher cat.

It also gives you a glimpse into how it assesses an area for food potential as it hunts.

Fisher cats, which are in the weasel family, have a varied diet but are good at rodent control. They also eat snowshoe hare and porcupines, upland birds, carrion and seasonal fruits and nuts.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife recommends that to keep fishers from becoming a nuisance in your yard, you should make sure your garbage and grills are secured, small pets are inside and small farm animals such as chickens are in a building or in a fenced area.

Julie Harris is senior outdoors editor at Bangor Daily News. She has served in many roles since joining BDN in 1979, including several editing positions. She lives in Litchfield with her husband and three...