In this June 9, 2022, file photo, an American flag waves below the U.S. Capitol dome on Capitol Hill in Washington. Credit: Patrick Semansky / AP

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In Maine, everyone seems to be divided, and that’s true. But it’s not as true as it seems in everyone’s eyes. Some reasons why Americans could be divided are gun rights, LGBTQ+ and economic struggles.

Gun rights are a big talk all around the U.S. right now, especially with all the shootings we’ve had this year. There are people who think it’s not the gun, it’s the person. But there’s others who think it’s the gun, not the person. Everyone could argue something different about the topic of guns. Either people like them or they don’t.

LGBTQ+ rights have been an issue going on throughout America for a while and I think everyone has different opinions on the subject. The citizens who are part of the community obviously support each other and everything that they stand for, but that’s not all the citizens of America. There are people who despise them, who absolutely can’t stand them and who want them hurt.

Economic struggles are an issue in the U.S. because there are people who can afford to buy everything they need and more, but then there are others who can barely afford to feed themselves or pay their rent. Citizens don’t find this fair because they could come from the same neighborhood, but end up with completely different lives.

There are many different ways that Americans are divided, and these were just a few. Problems come up every day that could divide American citizens even more.

Lauren Hogan