BELFAST, Maine&nbsp- The shuttered commercial kitchen at Belfast Square Apartments is back on line and available for public use.

The kitchen, once used to prepare Meals on Wheels, had been shut down for years. It has been reopened by Maggie Achorn of Morrill for use in her business, Indulgence by Maggie, as well as by the general public.

Indulgence by Maggie makes chocolate products that are sold in specialty stores throughout the region.

Achorn, who was trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, said she plans to offer cooking classes and will provide advice to burgeoning chefs looking to start their own businesses. She used to prepare her goods at home but outgrew her kitchen.

“This is a full commercial kitchen and should be put to use,” she said “There’ s got to be other home food processors looking for a place to do their work, and this kitchen is perfect for that. Someone just starting out can learn to refine their product, produce it and get it to market.”

She plans to offer cooking classes at the kitchen and will be available to give advice to people considering starting a business. The kitchen is fully insured.

Achorn is an experienced chef who worked in New York City for years, including operating a food van on 34th Street. She met her husband, Jeffrey Achorn of Morrill, while playing Scrabble online and fell in love when she came to Maine to visit him seven years ago.

“I came out for Thanksgiving and fell in love,” she said. “The leaves were still on the trees, the colors were beautiful, and love was in the air.”

Besides making her own products at the kitchen, Achorn plans to prepare goodies for residents of the apartment complex and have a fresh pot of soup on the stove at all times, all at no charge.

“That’ s my give-back,” she said.

For information, Achorn can be reached at 342-5603 or 322-9523.