ROCKLAND, Maine&nbsp- The city has received two state grants to help fund tree planting and the replacement of a malfunctioning septic system.

The Maine Forest Service Project Canopy program has awarded the city a $5,000 grant to be used for tree planting and trimming along Main Street, Community Development Director Rodney Lynch said in telephone interview Monday.

The state grant will be matched by a $4,000 donation from the Rockland Aurora Lodge of Masons.

“About $1,000 of the funds will be used for tree trimming,” Lynch said.

The combined $8,000 in state and Masonic funds will be used to plant eight new trees on the north end of Main Street as part of the Community Development Block Grant Main Street Streetscape project, scheduled to start in September.

In addition, as a result of the voters’ approval of the water quality bond in June, the city was able to apply for and receive a $10,000 Small Community Program grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to replace a malfunctioning septic system on Lake Avenue.

The effluent from the system there runs into Meadow Brook, Lynch said.

The Community Development Office and the Rockland Code Enforcement Office prepared the grant application to the DEP.

Previously, the city had taken advantage of the DEP program to replace three other malfunctioning septic systems in parts of the municipality not served by public sewer, Lynch said.

The next step in the process is to work with the property owner of the system and put the project out to bid. The property owner will be required to pay for any cost not covered by the grant, Lynch added.

To receive both grants, the city had to compete successfully statewide, Lynch said.

Rockland is willing to participate in the competition for state grants because, if they are successful, Lynch said, the grants help to reduce property taxes and benefit residents and property owners.