LINCOLN — When Mike Tompkins of Enfield closed Mike’s Auto Repair at 119 Main St. a few years ago and started working for somebody else, he didn’t quite do it willingly.

“It was really my wife and family’s idea,” Tompkins, 55, said Wednesday. “They thought I was getting too old to run my own business and I should start worrying about retirement and Social Security and all that sort of thing.”

But working for somebody else wasn’t much easier.

“It just wasn’t for me,” he said. “I had [been self-employed] for about 28 years. I just like being my own boss.”

Tompkins left Access Auto at 265 West Broadway and on Friday reopened his old business at a new location, a former automotive repair shop and car dealership at 30 River Road.

The Planning Committee voted 6-0 earlier this week to approve issuing Tompkins a new business permit, Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Davis said.

Besides providing some competition for the half-dozen or so dealerships, auto mechanic and auto service businesses in town, Mike’s Auto fills a prime location at the River Road-West Broadway intersection, which is a few miles from Interstate 95, Davis said.

The new business creates five new jobs. Tompkins hired three mechanics this week, and two more will start next week, he said.

Gary Phillips of Old Town will also be selling used automobiles at the site within 30 days. Phillips and Tompkins are leasing the building from its owner, Bill Houghton of Lee, Tompkins said.