Once again I have to give The Donald a pat on the back. Not only is he a businessman, reality TV star, and stinking rich — he’s not afraid to help out the has-beens. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Donald Trump is going to purchase Ed McMahon’s house to save it from foreclosure.

You may wonder why I care, so I’ll tell you.

For years, my dad has been receiving big yellow envelopes from McMahon. It has been a pastime for him to open them, browse the stamps and mini merchandise fliers — usually placing an order for something that catches his eye.

Deep down, I’ve always hoped that my dad’s loyalty to McMahon would result in the “Star Search” legend knocking on the door with a bunch of balloons, some flowers and an oversized check. Now, thanks to Trump, that dream can live on.

McMahon will be able to lease the house he has called home for nearly 20 years, according to a report from Reality TV World’s Web site, and intends to continue living there.

I sincerely hope that McMahon can get back on his feet, and I applaud Trump for lending a hand to a legend.

In more direct reality TV news, “Dancing With the Stars” is about to end the suspense and reveal the contestants for the upcoming season that’s set to air Sept. 22 with a three-night live premiere.

On Aug. 25, ABC will reveal the “Dancing With the Stars” cast on “Good Morning America.”

While some, such as football legend Dan Marino, already have denounced the buzz that they were going to be contestants, there’s still talk that former Vice President Dan Quayle, D-List comedian Kathy Griffin, and the original Batman Adam West might grace the stage for season seven.

Have to work and can’t tune in for the early morning reveal? Be sure to visit the Reality Bytes blog at www.bangordailynews.net for a list of the newest “Dancing” cast. While we (impatiently) wait, check out the site to post who you’d like to see dance with the stars.

Emily Burnham is a Maine native and proud Bangorian, covering business, the arts, restaurants and the culture and history of the Bangor region.