DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine — A site plan for the location of future hangars at the Charles Chase Municipal Airport off Pine Street was forwarded this week by selectmen to the town’s planning board.

Airport Manager Brian Kelley conducted the site plan, according to Town Manager Jack Clukey. The town’s grass airport has two hangars in place now and another proposed for the facility, Clukey said. Interest has been expressed in another lot as well, he said.

The town owns the land under the hangars and the owners of the hangars pay a $50 a year rental fee, Clukey said. The owners also pay property taxes on the buildings, he said.

Selectmen this week also discussed an earlier request from Parson’s Landing Road residents for help with the repair of a bridge. Town officials told the residents earlier in the year that if they provided the town a public easement on a piece of the road, they would accept it and would repair the bridge, Clukey said. This week, the residents on the road were asked to provide the board with a map of the easement.

If an easement is granted, the town would have the ability to use the section of road and perform maintenance on it, according to the town manager. The move does not obligate the town but without an easement, the town can’t do any work on it, Clukey said.