DEXTER — Judy Doore, who tendered her resignation as Dexter town manager last month, left her position as of Thursday morning, a day earlier than planned.

Doore had been scheduled to leave her position on Sept. 5 but because of turmoil that was created in-house after Doore on Wednesday terminated Abbott Memorial Librarian Liz Breau, Doore said she and council Chairman Roger Brawn felt it best she leave the position Thursday.

By mutual agreement, Thursday was considered a workday for Doore, she said. She also will be paid for 16 days of earned vacation time. Doore has accepted a job in risk management at the Maine Municipal Association.

Brawn confirmed Thursday that a personal matter was behind the move and that Doore, who has served in Dexter for three years, had left the position.

Doore said the decision was made early Thursday morning when she arrived at work. After a discussion with Brawn, Doore said she changed her computer password in Brawn’s presence, and asked town officials to change the locks on her office door. She also requested the town’s auditor be notified, which is standard practice when a change in command takes place, Doore said.

David Pearson, town treasurer, is acting as interim town manager.