In Loving Memory Of JOHN ANDREW CARTER What a wonderful day Sept. 10, 1971 The day you were born you made two people so very happy with just your arrival. A man and a woman, now a family. With just your arrival, you were a lion of a big brother, a charmer, a champion, a devil and a disarmer, and you did it all with just your arrival. We will cherish the motorcycle rides together, the Olive Garden dinners, the wonderful new front porch and the memory of your handsome face and sweet smile. We are sure that paradise is now a better place with just your arrival. Cherished always, Mom and Papa, Dad and Jason, Clarice, Taylor and Kyle In Loving Memory Of JOHN A. CARTER Sept. 10, 1971 – April 12, 2006 Dearest Johnnie B, Today would have been your 37th birthday. For your gift this year I send the following quote from the Cherokee Feast of Days: “There are exceptions to the rule-but generally speaking, nobody loves you like your mother loves you. Somewhere in the finely meshed fabric of life she wove a strength, a golden cord that ties you to her and releases you to go at the same time. The binding is not to possess but to protect, to be there when she is needed. In youth, we felt the strain of too much watchfulness, too many questions. But time shows the quality of love was more unselfish than we thought, more precious than we ever dreamed it would be. And greatest of all, it is not just blood that connects us, but a choosing to love because your mother wants to, not because of duty. It frees us to know that we were chosen to be loved.” All my love, on your birthday and always, Mom