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Tip #99
If a job asks for an application, take the time to fill it out.

Tip #98
Try and type applications or fill them out online, it is always neater than writing by hand. If you must write use print handwriting.

Tip #97
Fill out applications completely and attach your resume, don’t just write see resume

 Tip #96
Have a phone interview?
Be prepared & be available about five minutes before your scheduled time.

 Tip #95
Have a phone interview?
You need to have three tools handy:
· Paper & pen
· Copy of the Job advertisement
· Your calendar

Tip #94
Have a phone interview? Prepare as if it were a face to face interview.

Tip #93
Your RESUME should use the same terminology and keywords as the job advertisement.

Tip #92
Your RESUME should answer three questions for employers:
· What can you do for me?
· What have you done before?
· Can you do it again?

Tip #91
After working four years.  Place your experience sec-tion before a condensed version of your education on your RESUME.

Tip #90
Trouble remembering names in business, collect business cards and write remiders as soon as the conversation is over.

Tip #89
Ask Questions, it is better to find out before you start working if it is the right job or company for you.

Tip #88
Map out your application gathering trips to conserve your time, $ and gas.

Tip #87
Stay organized, make notes in your calender of the day you sent applications, interviews, follow-ups and when you expect to hear back.

Tip #86
TAKE THE LEAD! Follow-up your applications in a proffessional manner. 

Tip #85
Be mindful of recruiters/ interviewers time.

Tip #84
Complete all fields – even tthose that are not required.

Tip #83
Online application?

· Tailor your information to the position. Don’t cut & paste from your generic resume.

· Make sure your application is error free.

Tip #82
If You Want The Job… Follow Directions
Online applications, be careful to enter the correct data in the correct field.

Tip #81
Parents talk to your teens about what is appropriate workplace conduct.

Tip #80
Teen workers can be especially vulnerable to workplace discrimination, if you feel you are mistreated by anyone while on the job – talk to a trusted adult, and visit http://www.youth.eeoc.gov to find out how federal discrimination law applies to teens.

Tip #79
Teens… 1st Job? Make sure you know what is expected of you on day 1.

Tip #78
Project your passion for what you do.

Tip #77
Make your Elevator Speech sound effortless, conversational, and natural

Tip #76
Avoid an Elevator Speech that will leave the listener mentally asking “So what?”

Tip #75
Online networking? Try a free online service like linkedin.com, you’ll be amazed at how fast your network will grow!

Tip #74
Have a question about job seeking? “Ask Lisa” at bangordailynews.com/jobs

Tip #73
Online networking? Post a question or comment at the BDN job blog “Ask Lisa” at bangordailynews.com/jobs

Tip #72
Looking, speaking & acting professionally make a terrific first impression.  Something as simple as a smile–even if you’re kept waiting at a CAREER FAIR–goes a long way.

Tip #71
Maintain good eye contact, offer a firm handshake and a prepared two- to three-line script.

Tip #70
CAREER FAIRS are great practice in perfecting networking and interviewing skills.

Tip #69
Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will all be viewed as positives.

Tip #68
Be sure to spell the name of the company and the person you are directing your letter to, correctly.

Tip #67
A customized cover letter should accompany all resumes and applications.

Tip #66
An internship is a way to try a new job without making a permanent commitment.

Tip #65
Be flexible and focused.  Broaden the number of fields you are considering.

Tip #64
If you have waited until the last minute to start your job search, stay calm!  There are plenty of opportunities to apply for.

Tip #63
Don’t Burn Bridges,
be sure to show former employers (future references) the respect of giving a minimum of a two week notice.

Tip #62
Stay Positive!
Job Hunting can be wearing, maintaining a positive enthusiastic manner will help you get the job.

Tip #61
Be Nice to the Receptionist!
They are the link between you and your potential job, (any negatives are sure to be reported)..

Tip #60
When attending a job fair, bring copies of your resume and dress professionally, so recruiters will remember you for your qualifications.

Tip #59
Don’t overlook a job fair! Many offer free workshops as well as an opportunity to do employment research all in one location.

Tip #58
Your resume is your first impression, Consider attending a free workshop at your career center or at a job fair to improve yours.

Tip #57
KNOW WHAT YOUR RESUME SAYS.  Always be prepared to cite your background and work experience accurately from memory.

Tip #56
STICK TO THE BUSINESS AT HAND WHEN INTERVIEWING!  Do not volunteer information about your afterwork activities and hobbies unless the interviewer asks.

Tip #55
BE FLEXIBLE WHEN SCHEDULING AN INTERVIEW.  Flexibility is a key asset for any employee.

Tip #54
Not sure what skills and experience you need for a position?  Check your local internet search with the job title.

Tip #53
SEE A JOB YOU’D LOVE IN THE CLASSIFIEDS, but don’t have the required skills?  Call the HR department and ask for an informational interview.

Tip #52
LACK EXPERIENCE? Check out a staffing agency.  They have many options for full or part-time work.

Tip #51
When you receive a job offer, ask about benefits, commisions, and vacations.  These questions will help to negotiate the best offer.

Tip #50
Know the company’s and industry average salaries, check our salary calculator on our Jobs page.

Tip #49
AVOID ASKING ABOUT SALARY!  The company will choose the appropriate time to discuss this with you. 

Tip #48
ADD A BOOKMARK to your favorite jobs site, bangordailynews.com/jobs adds new jobs everyday.  Click on Find a Job to see the most recent ads.

Tip #47
KEY WORDS: When job seeking online: use KEY WORDS, and check the site frequently and search the most recent ads.

Tip #46
NEVER RELY ON ONE SOURCE FOR JOB ADS: The Bangor Daily News combines the top two job search resources for you – newspapers and the internet.  We have over 700 more ads online!

Tip #45
EYE CONTACT: Be natural as with any conversation.  Avoiding eye contact is a sign of deception, disinterest, or lack of confidence.

Tip #44
HANDSHAKE: Always offer your hand; use firm, but not crushing pressure.

Tip #43
If you are feeling stalled or not getting anywhere, get advice from a professional career counselor. 

Tip #42
A conservative suit for a man or a woman is never a poor investment! Other options for meeting recruiters are business trousers in khaki, grey, or black, and a navy or black blazer with a dress shirt for men and a blouse for women.

Tip #41
Ladies and gentlemen, remove excessive piercings and make-up. Be conservative in your dress and be sure you are neat and well-groomed.

Tip #40
Whether you are interviewing or attending a job fair, let your dress reflect your serious business nature.

Tip #39
Keep a current resume updated semi-annually so you can apply for promotions or new positions at a moment’s notice, not missing any potential opportunity since your resume was not up-to-date.

Tip #38
Never state in your resume why you left a position, positive or negative.  The interview is the time and place to explain reasons for changes or gaps in your employment history.

Tip #37
Employers who sort resumes electronically look for keyword matches.

Tip #36
Resumes: One page is best.
Use the smallest number of words you can, to say exactly what you want!

Tip #35
Emphasize your results!  How do you contribute to your company?
Keep a running list of your successes to update your job seeking tools.

Tip #34
Show Business Savvy!  Submit your resume in Microsoft WO
RD Software, the business world’s standard.

Tip #33
Sign in blue ink, it implies the letter is original and it may get more attention.

Tip #32
Avoid addressing coverletters to businesses or departments, be as specific as you can, use the hiring person’s name or title. Use the internet or call and politely request the name of the person hiring for the advertised position.

Tip #31
Always include a cover letter with your resume.

Tip #30
Make a list of what you enjoy the most about your current or your last job.

Tip # 29
Try to focus on the positives of your past job experiences.

Tip #28
Staying optimistic will prove to recruiters you have a great attitude!

Tip #27
The Holiday’s are a great time to hire!

Tip #26
Be sure to give recruiters adequate time to get back in touch with you.

Tip #25
For a seasonal twist, send your interview thank you notes in a holiday card.

Tip #24
When you give references to potential employers, make sure to let your reference know they may be contacted.

Tip #23
Don’t list references on your resume, but have a list ready when you go to interviews or when filling out applications.

Tip #22
Always ask a reference’s permission to give their name and contact information.

Tip #21
Use the internet to make connections. When viewing help wanted ads, email and ask company recruiters for an information interview.

Tip #20
When you meet new people, jot down their names and where they work; you will have expanded your network.

Tip #19
Networking 101: Make a list of people you know and where they work.

Tip #18
Craft a compelling 30 – 60 second introduction. Include your name,
occupation, and something to remember you by!

Tip #17
When networking at parties or events, keep your manners in mind.
A negative first impression is hard to overcome…

Tip #16
Holiday parties are an opportunity to network!

Tip #15
Consider long-term, P/T or VOLUNTEER work to build experience.

Tip #14
Not able to get $$$ for the work you love?
Gain more experience by volunteering…

Tip #13
Keep an open mind. You may discover a hidden opportunity.

Tip #12
Dress for success! If in doubt over what to wear, ask the HR department.

Tip #11
Be on time! Not too early, never late…
Arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Tip #10
Research prospective employers; know current issues in the industry.

Tip #9
Protect yourself!
Resumes online or on paper should not contain SS# or other personal identifiers.

Tip #8
Don’t post your resume on every site. Think quality sites rather than quantity!

Tip #7
Make sure your resume and cover letter are error free.

Tip #6
Always write personalized “Thank you” notes after interviews.

Tip #5
Create professional answering machine and/or voicemail messages.

Tip #4
Bring a notepad and pen when you go to interviews.

Tip #3
Be organized, keep a list of where you have applied.

Tip #2
List a professional email address on your resume/application that you check regularly.

Tip #1

Schedule a regular time everyday/week for your job search.

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