CARIBOU, Maine – For those who live in Aroostook County, frosty windshields and stiff, frostbitten lawns are not strange experiences during early mornings in September.

But officials from the National Weather Service office in Caribou said Thursday that it is going to get very cold — with possible subfreezing temperatures — early Friday morning, which will affect northern, central and eastern parts of the state.

“This is definitely going to be a hard freeze,” Mark Turner, hydrologist with the NWS in Caribou said Thursday after-noon. “This is going to end gardening season for most people.”

A freeze warning is in effect from the St. John Valley to interior Down East Maine and the Bangor area, as clear skies and light winds are expected to combine with a cold Canadian air mass to force temperatures to plunge to record or near-record lows early Friday, ac-cording to the NWS.

Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid-20s across northern and central parts of the state.

Across coastal Down East Maine, temperatures are ex-pected to plunge into the mid-30s south of the Airline, Route 9, with pockets of freezing or near-freezing temperatures in the region. A frost advisory has been issued for that region.

A freeze warning is issued when temperatures threaten outdoor plants. Gardens should be protected or harvested, and potted plants should be brought indoors under such warnings, according to the weather service.

Temperatures in Aroostook County and other parts of the state already have dropped to below freezing in some areas. On Sept. 11, Allagash, Oxbow, Houlton and Big Black River all saw temperatures of 32 degrees or below.

On that same day a temperature of 29 degrees was recorded in Saint Aurelie in Somerset County, and a temperature of 32 degrees was measured in Dan-forth in Washington County.