PORTLAND – Angharad ‘Ann’ died unexpectedly July 10, 2005, in the town of her birth, Portland. Ann was born Jan. 6, 1986, the beloved daughter of Ginny Carroll and Stephen McPherson and the adoring mother of Adrianne, her most precious gift to this world. Ann is survived by other beloved relatives including grandparents, Sheila Carroll, JR Doyle, and Jun Carroll; brother, Mason Layaway; aunt, April Carroll; uncles, Stephan and Robert Carroll, and Charlie Elliot; niece, Morgan Layaway; stepsiblings, Rachelle Clukey and Robbie Winters; and their father, Ralph Clukey; and Adrianne’s father, Justin Morgan. During her short life Ann became an accomplished poet and author, always able to express her deepest feelings and hopes through her writing. A lover of music and a soulful singer, Ann had recently learned to play the guitar. Although she had yet to accomplish her many dreams and goals, Ann had already traveled the world, visiting places as far away as California and the Netherlands. Ann worked as an activities specialist at the Seaside Nursing Home in Portland and was proud to bring new life into the current events discussion group she directed. Always a leader, Ann never wavered from her own strong convictions and beliefs. An astute debater she rarely missed an opportunity to explain her causes and express her views often turning her comrades into believers in her cause. Ann was just beginning to examine global issues and was strongly against the war. She was proud to be active in anti-war efforts and demonstrations. Though still a teen, Ann led an independent life ever looking for answers to life’s most difficult questions. No heart that was touched by Ann will ever be the same. Ann will be sadly missed by all of her family and her dear friends Ashley, Matt, Shane, and Justin. A memorial service will be held 11 a.m. Thursday, July 14, at Plummer Funeral Home, 16 Pleasant St., Augusta. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent in her remembrance to the YWCA Street Program, 343 Cumberland Ave., Portland, ME 04101. Just weeks before her tragic death Ann left the following poem: Won’t you come and save me See me in my reverie Take me to a better place Set me free For so long I’ve been lost Searching for a Savior