Dear Eric, I miss the friend you were to me and I’m thankful for the time we shared. It felt so good to have a friend that really cared. I came to count on you to have the right things to say when the dreams wouldn’t go away. In my darkest moment you gave me hope. The hope was quickly stripped away. Why? That’s not for me to say. Hopefully I’ll understand someday. I loved you like a brother. You understood me like no other. Pain was the biggest bond we shared, but for this I was not prepared, the day my wind was stripped away. The day that Hunter went away. In your songs you made it clear that one day you would disappear. It’s funny how one’s ear can choose when to and what to hear. Now I hear you loud and clear. I love you, Eric and miss you more than you will ever know. You are profound. I hope you are at peace in the tranquility of sea. In your words, the words forever stuck in my head, now you’re gone, it ends here, today. Your body sleeps and your souls away. I can not understand what you couldn’t say. Love, Chet