The Family Of PAUL E. GERVAIS SR. Would like to express their gratitude for the many prayers, gestures of friendship and acts of compassion that were shown to Paul throughout his lifetime. We would especially like to thank Dr. Riker and Dr. Gratwick, Joanne, John McKay, Gentiva and New Hope Hospice for their never ending advice and guidance; Father Dan and Sister Pat for making the last few months of Paul’s life so spiritual and making the funeral so personal; Dick Stolkner and Bill Estey for being there when the meaning of friendship was put to the test; Liz Downing for her beautiful music; Terri, Lowell and Stephen Chase for making the celebration of Paul’s life just the way he would have done it; Marilyn and Mike Eremita for providing lodging for all the out-of-state guests; Doctor Lib-eratore, Jeanne and family for their generous gift; and also from our many longtime fri-ends who gave us flowers, food, cards and phone calls that brought much comfort to the family. We would especially like to thank Esther Kennett, Paul’s mother-in-law, for her never-ending love, understanding and time she so freely gave him. He loved you, Esther. Grateful, The Gervais’