In Loving Memory Of RONNIE RAYMOND June 17, 1951 – Dec. 27, 2004 When Ronnie was killed in a tragic work related accident, a lot of things were left undone. One was his wife Nancy’s ’75 Corvette. It had taken him 21 years to start working on it because he spent a lot of his time helping others. That was okay with Nancy because she’s that way, too, always putting others needs first. On her birthday, Dec. 9, Nancy was surprised when she opened her garage to find her fully restored Corvette. Mark and Nick picked up where Ronnie left off. Huge thanks go out to Allan Luetjen and Ashley Campbell for painting it and putting it back together. Thanks to Allan’s family for allowing him to spend so much time working on the car. It is absolutely beautiful. Ronnie would be so proud. We know he was guiding them as they worked on it. We miss him so much. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of him. What emptiness there is in our lives. Until we see you again someday. Mark, Lisa, Nick and Rachel