In Loving Memory Of RONNIE RAYMOND June 17, 1951 – Dec. 27, 2004 Our hearts were broken as we heard in disbelief of your passing, oh, so sudden. Our world continues to be filled with grief. You taught us all the value of treating others with kindness no matter who the people are. You taught how everyone has worth. Your lessons we will remember and in your humble way you taught by your quiet example. You brought laughter, fun and happiness into every heart. We love and miss you, Nancy; Harrison; Mark, Lisa, Nick, Rachel; Judy, Stan, Dave, Marie, Mike; Rosie, Steve, Arielle, Harry, Shane; Eugene, Linda, Laura, Jane; Nancy, Tom, Erin; Rita. In Loving Memory Of My Husband RONNIE RAYMOND I miss you so much. People tell me that time heals – they could not have loved someone as much as I love you. The emptiness in my heart is constant and the loneliness unbearable. I think of everything we were going to do, like traveling Route 66 in the ’62 Chevy, cruisin’ in the ’58 Chevy that you were working so hard to get done, continuing to travel out West, doing things at our home, but I am so thankful for everything we did do – nobody can take away those wonderful, fun memories. My love for you is forever, Nancy