CARIBOU — Fort Fairfield’s Connor Thibeau held off Connell McLean of Centerville, New Brunswick, to take the Young Guns feature at Spud Speedway Saturday.

Adam Williams of Limestone was third, followed by Fort Fairfield’s Brandon York and Jesse Dewley of Presque Isle.

Powder Puff: 1. Angela Levesque (Caribou), 2. Terri Lunn (Centerville, N.B.), 3. Tennessa MacDougal (Fort Fairfield), 4. Carrie Willette (Caswell); Northern Lights: 1. Wayne Fox, Jr. (Caribou), 2. Shawn Dewley (Presque Isle), 3. Jason Levesque (Caribou), 4. Mark York (Fort Fairfield), 5. Galen Morrow (Limestone); Fast 4s: 1. Connor Thibeau (Fort Fairfield), 2. Keith Thibeau (Fort Fairfield), 3. Matt Farnham (Mapleton), 4. Rick Saucier (Walla-grass), 5. Nate Haney (Caribou); Super Street: 1. Jeff Willette (Presque Isle), 2. Jason Levesque (Caribou), 3. Nelson Chapman (Caribou), 4. Travis MacDougal (Fort Fairfield), 5. Jon Dixon (Presque Isle); Late Model: 1. Nick Kinney (Danforth), 2. Tharren MacDougal (Fort Fairfield), 3. Jerry Williams (Limestone), 4. Jeff Willette (Presque Isle), 5. Milo Haney (Connor); Mainely Modifides: 1. Tommy Stilphen (Kennebunk), 2. Tyler King (Livermore Falls), 3. Ben Nile (Anson), 4. Reid Lanpher (Manchester), 5. Dan Snow (Pittson)

    Unity Raceway

At Unity, Burnham’s Frank Moulton held on to post his second straight victory Saturday night in the Late Model feature at Unity Raceway.

Jeff Burgess of Fairfield finished in second place while Ricky Morse of St. Albans claimed third. Palmyra’s Ajay Picard came in fourth followed by Jackson’s Markus Lowe in fifth.

Late Model Pro Four: 1. Corey Walker (Augusta), 2. Mike Mason (Skowhegan), 3. Tim Robinson (Clinton), 4. Ben Clark (Clinton), 5. Steve Rackliff (Starks); Super Street: 1. Ricky Burgess Jr. (Burnham), 2. Nick Huff (Orrington), 3. Nate Weston (Madison), 4. Dan Trask (Chelsea), 5. Steve Rackliff (Starks); Wildcat: 1. Chris King (Burnham), 2. Andy Turbovsky (Winslow), 3. Maurice Young (Chelsea), 4. Richard Jackson (Hudson), 5. Ed Gilblair Sr. (Skowhegan); Monsta Mini: 1. Mike Wilson (Chelsea), 2. Lance Chapman (Clinton), 3. Greg Cummings (Augusta), 4. Reggie Bickford (Oakland), 5. Dylan Lancaster (Skowhegan); Flyin’ Four: 1. Justin Moore (Madison), 2. Zach Audet (New Sharon), 3. Shadow Folsom (Skowhegan), 4. Brad Bosworth (Cornville), 5. Mike Gilbert (Canaan); Ladies: 1. Chelsea Young (Winterport), 2. Mika Wilson (Chelsea), 3. Amanda Batchelder (Fairfield), 4. Christie Foster (Norridgewock), 5. Alica Goodwin (Clinton); Teen Thunder: 1. Cole Robinson (Clinton), 2. Jayson Bosworth (Cornville), 3. Mike Fernald (Benton), 4. Wes Turner (Montville), 5. Ricky Pease (Detroit); Enduro: 1. Zach Gagnon (Clinton), 2. Kayla Allen (Penobscot), 3. Donny Silva (Hudson), 4. Kevin Seekins (Frankfort), 5. Alex Fernald (Benton)

    Speedway 95

At Hermon, Josh St. Clair of Liberty took the lead from Ryan Deane of Winterport on the final lap en route to winning the Late Model feature at Speedway 95 on Saturday.

Steuben’s Benton Parritt took second while Bangor’s Doug Day finished third, followed by Deane in fourth and Dale Swoboda of Hermon in fifth.

Sport 4: 1. Rick Grant (LaGrange), 2. David Green (Hampden), 3. Keith Ogden (Dedham), 4. Steve Heath (Milo), 5. David Shorey (Old Town); Strictly Street: 1. Andrew McLaughlin (Harrington), 2. Duane Seekins (Stockton Springs), 3. Shawn Hamel II (Bangor), 4. Shawn Racilla (Dover-Foxcroft), 5. Joe Allen (Levant); Super Street: 1. Steve Moulton (Holden), 2. Jeremy Glasier (Appleton), 3. Artie Maguire (Bucksport), 4. Doug Sinclai, 5. Greg Pung (Franklin)

    Winterport Dragway

At Winterport, Scott Gove of Dennysville went on to take first place in the Super Pro Eliminator feature at Winterport Dragway Sunday. Gove held off Craig Cousins of Hermon who finished second while Rick Hunnewell of Ellsworth was a semifinalist.

Gambler’s Race: 1. Phil French (Orland), 2. Jodie Herrick (Stockton Springs), semifinalist: Jerry Hatch (Lubec); ATV/Quad: 1. Jerry Hatch (Lubec), 2. Scott Young (Sebago), semifinalist: Zack Hatch (Lubec), Frank Drew (Knox); Lawn Mower/Small Tractor: 1. Peter Gould (Corinna), 2. Leonard Voisine (Bristol), semifinalist: Cassie Gould (Corinna); Chevy Day: 1. Rick Hunnewell (Ellsworth), 2. Gage Reynolds (Bangor), semifinalist: Dan Poirier (Minot), Dwight Overlock (Owls Head)

Super Pro/Pro: 1. Scott Gove (Dennysville), 2. Bob Cote (Millinocket); Pro Eliminator: 1. Bob Cote (Millinocket), 2. Cici Eberle (Searsmont), semifinalist: Russell Calder (Campobello, N.B.), Brad Tracy (Bucksport); Bikes/Sleds: 1. Aaron Astle (Ellsworth), 2. Jon Weeks (Waterville); semifinalist: Brittney Marston (Fairfield); Pro Street Eliminator: 1. John Kaiser (Mapleton), 2. Bill Dammier (Deer Isle), semifinalist: Tim Emery (Hartland); Nos-talgia: 1. John Kaiser (Mapleton), 2. Jon Canty (West Gardner), semifinalist: Robin Reynolds (Winterport); Camaro vs. Mustang: 1. Paul Pinette (Bowdoinham), 2. Tim Wilcox (Easton), semifinalist: Anthony Glidden (Hermon); Teen: 1. Dylan Knowlton (Hancock), 2. Terry Sutherland (Ellsworth), semifinalist: Cole Lane (Patton)