The Associated Press recently asked the five candidates for Maine governor about raising taxes to balance the next budget if they were elected. The following are their reactions:

Eliot Cutler: “I will not consider higher broad-based taxes in the absence of comprehensive tax reform, and I will not ask Maine people to consider any tax reform proposal until we have squeezed every last dollar out of current operations through cutting unnecessary programs and tax breaks, finding more efficient ways to deliver services, and restructuring state government.”

Paul LePage: “As governor, I will not balance the budget next year on the backs of Maine taxpayers with increased taxes and fees. In this recession with so many families living paycheck to paycheck, we cannot afford more job-killing tax increases.”

Libby Mitchell: “I have no plans to raise taxes. We can save money by implementing lean management practices and making sure state contractors are delivering the service they promise, if they don’t, the state needs to recoup part of that money. It’s not glitzy, but it will save taxpayers money.”

Shawn Moody: “I will not be looking to raise taxes, certainly not until I feel we have completed a top to bottom review of all state government programs and spending. We need to right-size state government and give people a government they can afford.”

Kevin Scott: “Emphatically, NO. I will not advocate for any new or higher taxes.”