Former “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen went before a Los Angeles judge Tuesday seeking custody of his twin sons with estranged wife Brooke Mueller, who also attended the closed hearing.

No resolution was immediately announced. Sheen left the courthouse flanked by security and was on his way to catch a plane to Washington, D.C., for a performance of his stage show. Mueller emerged from court smiling and hugged her attorney but declined to comment.

Attorneys for both sides also refused to divulge details of the hearing.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg sealed the hearing at the request of Mueller’s attorney, saying it was “in the best interest of the children” because of “questions of abuse and other inflammatory and emotional issues.”

Sheen arrived in court wearing a black suit, glasses and an orange tie. As the public filed out of the courtroom, Sheen gave a fist bump to a reporter in the audience. One of his girlfriends, whom he describes as goddesses, accompanied him to court and sat on a bench outside the courtroom.

The actor and his estranged wife have sparred in recent months, with Mueller accusing Sheen of threatening her with a penknife.

Prosecution wants to show Jackson dead and alive

Prosecutors want to show images of Michael Jackson dead and alive at the manslaughter trial of the superstar’s doctor, hoping to contradict defense claims that Jackson was unhealthy or depressed and took his own life.

If their motions filed Tuesday are granted, the jury will see a singing, dancing Jackson in excerpts from the concert movie “This Is It.”

They also will see Jackson’s body on an autopsy table after his death from an overdose of propofol and other sedatives.

Defense attorneys have suggested that Jackson, in desperate financial straits, felt he could not carry out his European concerts unless he could overcome intense insomnia. They say he was so desperate for sleep that he overdosed himself on the anesthetic propofol while his doctor was out of the room.

But prosecutors said the autopsy pictures would corroborate the medical examiner’s testimony that Jackson, although thin, was in good health.

And scenes from “This Is It,” recorded during rehearsals for his planned concert tour, show an active, energetic Jackson engaged in his performance just days before his death, said David Walgren and Deborah Brazil, deputy district attorneys.

“These video clips are completely at odds with someone who, as the defense has claimed, would recklessly take his own life just hours after the last clip was filmed,” said the prosecution motion.