The Red Sox have started a long homestand hoping this will be the time they can right the ship for the rest of the season.

The first month has been filled with befuddlement.

All of these matters were up for discussion entering Friday night’s game.

The Sox are in the top three in the majors in two-out runs and at the bottom with runners in scoring position. How can that happen?

Jacoby Ellsbury and Adrian Gonzalez are hitting .130 and .216, respectively, vs. lefthanded pitchers.

David Ortiz hasn’t homered since the first of the month and is among the leaders in the AL in walks.

Baserunners against Jarrod Saltalamacchia are 18-for-24 and he has a strong throwing arm.

Newcomer Carl Crawford has the lowest batting average in the majors for the month of April.

The Sox are hitting .224 on the road, one of the lowest batting averages in the majors.

The season’s starting shortstop and catcher have all but lost their jobs.

All of this, to go with starting pitching since April 16 that has an ERA under 2.00.

Yes, it is a long year and all that stuff, but these games are still games that do count during the 162-game schedule.

The catching situation has to be dealt with. Saltalamacchia had the job and has not been able to keep it.

Jason Varitek cannot catch every day.

With Jed Lowrie the unannounced starter at short right now, that could free up Marco Scutaro for a trade to bring in a new starting catcher.

Either Saltalamacchia has a miraculous recovery at the job or the Sox have to find some help.

Lowrie cannot possibly continue with the numbers he has started with, but he can be good enough to play every day.

Crawford will pick up with the bat. Some wonder if the Green Monster and his off season dreams of hitting rockets off it hurt his swing.

His career spray charts show a gap-to-gap hitter. Thinking about doing the Wade Boggs’ everything-off -the-wall routine can mess up your mind and your swing.

The Red Sox are the oldest team in baseball. Is that beginning to show on the field?

It’s too early to tell and there’s plenty of time to be a more consistent team. Maybe the Fenway Franks will be the answer.