AUBURN, Maine — A woman who worked for Brandi Robinson said in court Wednesday that her boss confided that her brother had killed 22-year-old Christiana Fesmire.

Alanda Godbout said Robinson told her the day Fesmire disappeared that she was dead and that her brother killed her, cleaned up the mess and put her body in the trunk of their black Lexus that was parked in the garage of their apartment building. Godbout said Robinson had asked her to call some friends to find out how to hide a dead body. Godbout said she advised Robinson to call police.

Godbout, who is Canadian, testified for about two hours Wednesday, the second day of a hearing at Androscoggin County Superior Court that will help a judge decide whether Robinson should be allowed bail. She knew Buddy Robinson, 30, from the University of Presque Isle, where they had been fellow students, she said, pointing him out in the Androscoggin County Superior Courtroom.

Godbout had come to Lewiston in June to visit and later worked for Brandi Robinson as an escort, Robinson said.

Buddy Robinson was indicted in November on a murder charge in connection with Fesmire’s death. Her body hasn’t been recovered. She disappeared July 1.

Asked Wednesday by Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes about that day, Godbout said she and Brandi Robinson were leaving the apartment building at 36 Highland Ave. at about 7:30 a.m. when Fesmire was dropped off at that address. She was renting the first-floor apartment. Brandi and Buddy Robinson, who are twins, lived in the upstairs apartment.

Fesmire stood at the passenger window of Brandi Robinson’s Cadillac and talked to her about using the Lexus to drive to Rangeley for a family gathering. That was the first and last time Godbout saw Fesmire, she said Wednesday.

When the women returned a couple of hours later, Robinson told Godbout to go straight upstairs. She was told that Fesmire had thrown up blood. That was Buddy Robinson’s explanation for his pants being wet, Godbout said.

Later, when she was taking a shower, Brandi Robinson’s boyfriend, Levi Gervais, told her to hurry up and get out of the apartment. Then Robinson came running into the bathroom and threw up in the toilet.

“I said: ‘Ooh, gross?’” Godbout said.

She left the bathroom and went downstairs to finish her ablutions. She noticed there were packed bags that looked like they had been dropped hurriedly. The floor was wet as though it had just been mopped, she said. Gervais came in and told her she had to leave immediately. She drove him to work. Later, Robinson called to say she needed her car.

Godbout drove back to Highland Avenue and gave Robinson her car. When Robinson returned, she was “visibly upset,” Godbout said. Robinson asked Godbout if she could trust her, then told her about her brother’s actions, saying, “‘He must have snapped.’”

Godbout said she and Brandi drove off in the Cadillac with a trailer attached to pick up Buddy Robinson’s belongings from school in Presque Isle. Buddy Robinson drove off in the Lexus.

Godbout said she was afraid of both Robinsons and was taken to the Ramada Inn.

Brandi Robinson asked a day later whether Godbout wanted to go camping with her and Buddy Robinson and Gervais, but she declined. She was later afraid they might “come after me,” she said.

Cross-examined by Buddy Robinson’s attorney, Edward “Ted” Dilworth, about Fesmire’s relationship with the Robinsons, Godbout said: “They appeared to not like her.” She said Brandi Robinson told Godbout she had had a hard time getting Fesmire to pull together the rest of her belongings and move out.

At one time, Brandi Robinson had vented to Godbout about getting beaten up by Fesmire. She also told Godbout that Fesmire had attacked Robinson’s son, Michael.

Godbout said Brandi Robinson seemed to control Buddy Robinson.

“At school, he was big, tough, but a very sweet man. With his sister, she told him what to do,” Godbout said. “It just seemed odd.”

Brandi Robinson also testified Wednesday that she had text messaged a friend about using his Dumpster to dispose of lead paint for her mother.

Dilworth asked whether she told him she had “gross and disgusting trash to get rid of.”

Robinson said she only talked to him about lead paint disposal.

Dilworth noted that she had messaged the friend on July 1 several times starting at around 10:30 a.m., the time she would have been grappling with the issue of how to dispose of Fesmire’s body.

“It wasn’t for the purpose of getting rid of mom’s lead paint, was it?” he said.

“It was,” she said.

On redirect examination, Stokes asked Brandi Robinson, “Are you falsely accusing your brother to protect yourself?”

Robinson answered, “No.”

Asked if she killed Fesmire, Robinson said, “No.”

Stokes asked why Robinson didn’t keep her mouth shut about Fesmire.

“I don’t know,” Robinson said.

Although she has been granted immunity from prosecution stemming from her escort business, she hasn’t been granted immunity for murder, Stokes reminded her.

“Correct,” she said.

The hearing is expected to continue next week.

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