UMaine football team featured dedication, talent

I want to congratulate the University of Maine football team and coaches for a most successful season. The dedication, capability, enthusiasm and leadership by all is very much appreciated for all the state of Maine to view.

Along with the obvious talent that was exhibited all year the role models for our youth to see were also impressive. I only wish that the attendance at games could have been larger to see a great Division I program in action.

The games were all very exciting. Again, congratulations to coach Jack Cosgrove and his talented staff and players for a wonderful season.

Dick Leonard


Foreign students put Maine players on the bench

I am writing in reference to an article in the BDN (Dec. 5, “Different players, same goal for Lee Academy”) by Ernie Clark. Going to a football game at Foxborough, players are from all over the world, that is expected. Going to a pro basketball game, the same is expected.

That being said, going to a Class C high school basketball game in Maine and seeing kids from Bosnia, China and New York, while kids from Maine sit on the bench, is not right. This is not expected.

Walter Whitney


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